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BRCGS is Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary

A widely recognised organisation, BRCGS (previously BRC) has been protecting the global supply chain since 1996. Initially set up to reduce audit duplication by UK retailers, BRCGS now operates the most rigorous third-party certification scheme … Read more

Certification Success to start 2019

As we reach the end of the first quarter in 2019, we are over the moon with the fantastic results our clients have achieved after a range of BRC audits. Since the start of the year, … Read more

BRC or SALSA? Your Best Option For Certification…

For food and drink companies looking to expand their business, a third-party food safety certification can be the best investment for attracting potential new clients. By obtaining a food safety certification such as BRC or SALSA, businesses … Read more

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Key Changes – BRC Agents and Brokers Issue 2

The updates made to the BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers Issue 2, aim to reflect current thinking in product safety, expanding the scope to incorporate consumer products, and encourage adoption of the BRC Global Standard worldwide. Main changes to … Read more

BRC Food Safety – Recent Success Stories

The BRC Food Safety certification focuses on the measurement, review and assessment of the factors that influence food safety. Many food manufacturers will find that large retailers and other potential customers will require suppliers to … Read more

BRC Packaging – Recent Success Stories

Many of our clients within the Packaging industry will look to achieve a certification such as BRC Packaging. This demonstrates to potential clients that your business operates to a high standard of food safety. Particularly … Read more