F&A Fruits’ journey to achieving SALSA certification with Complete Food Safety


F&A Fruits, a prominent supplier of fresh fruits, vegetables, and pre-packed ambient, chilled, and frozen products, embarked on a transformative journey towards obtaining SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) certification with the assistance of Complete Food Safety. 

With a commitment to ensuring food safety and legal compliance, F&A Fruits sought the expertise of Complete Food Safety to streamline their operations and meet the stringent requirements of SALSA certification.

Client background

F&A Fruits has been a valued client of Complete Food Safety for three years, relying on our comprehensive services to maintain high standards of hygiene, safety, and compliance within their operations. 

Specialising in sourcing and distributing a wide range of fresh and prepacked products, F&A Fruits caters to the demands of both retail and wholesale customers across the UK.

Challenges faced

As F&A Fruits expanded their operations and transitioned to a new facility in October 2023, they encountered the need for enhanced food safety measures and regulatory compliance. 

Despite their dedication to quality, the complexities of adhering to legal requirements and industry standards posed significant challenges. 

Additionally, the prospect of obtaining SALSA certification loomed as a daunting task, requiring meticulous preparation and documentation.

Solution provided by Complete Food Safety

Recognising the critical importance of achieving SALSA certification, F&A Fruits engaged Complete Food Safety to guide them through the process. 

Initially, Complete Food Safety assisted F&A Fruits in ensuring legal compliance, laying the groundwork for a seamless transition to more rigorous standards. With the relocation to a new site, Complete Food Safety implemented a tailored SALSA system, aligning F&A Fruits’ operations with the stringent criteria set by the certification body.

Implementation process

Complete Food Safety’s approach involved a comprehensive assessment of F&A Fruits’ operations, identifying areas for improvement and implementing robust food safety protocols. 

Quarterly visits were also conducted to monitor progress, address any emerging issues, and provide ongoing support. Additionally, a customised health and safety (H&S) system was integrated into F&A Fruits’ framework, further enhancing their commitment to employee welfare and regulatory compliance.

Achieving SALSA certification

The culmination of F&A Fruits’ efforts was marked by their first SALSA audit, conducted with the guidance and support of Complete Food Safety. 

Following the successful audit, corrective action evidence was promptly submitted, paving the way for the imminent receipt of their SALSA certification. 

Through meticulous planning, diligent implementation, and collaborative partnership with Complete Food Safety, F&A Fruits successfully navigated the complexities of achieving SALSA certification, solidifying their reputation as a trusted supplier of safe and quality food products.

“Working with F&A Fruits from their infancy, it has been a pleasure watching them grow from a single unit within the market to a premium new site. Over the last 3 years they have faced their challenges including two moves within the market. As per all aspects within the business, the Directors took this within their stride, culminating in achieving SALSA accreditation.”

Matthew Tolley, Complete Food Safety Consultant


The attainment of SALSA certification represents a significant milestone for F&A Fruits, underscoring their unwavering commitment to excellence in food safety and quality management. 

With the guidance of Complete Food Safety, F&A Fruits has not only met the rigorous requirements of certification but has also strengthened their operational efficiency and compliance measures.

As a result, F&A Fruits is well-positioned to enhance customer trust, expand market opportunities, and sustain long-term growth in the competitive food industry landscape.

The benefits of SALSA

Gaining a certification like SALSA isn’t merely about meeting regulatory standards; it’s also about enhancing the marketability and competitiveness of a business. By attaining SALSA certification, F&A Fruits has not only demonstrated their commitment to food safety and quality but has also opened doors to new business opportunities.

One notable advantage of SALSA certification is its potential to attract new customers and business. In an increasingly discerning market where consumers prioritise food safety and quality, having the SALSA seal of approval can serve as a powerful differentiator. It gives confidence in potential clients, assuring them of F&A Fruits’ adherence to rigorous standards and dedication to delivering safe and high-quality products.

Moreover, SALSA certification contributes to improving the retention of existing customers. By providing assurance of stringent food safety practices, it strengthens trust and loyalty among clientele. Customers are more likely to continue their partnership with F&A Fruits, knowing that their products meet the highest standards of safety and quality.


The collaboration between F&A Fruits and Complete Food Safety exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic partnerships in achieving regulatory compliance and operational excellence. Complete Food Safety’s Consultant, Matthew Tolley, added: “I’m excited to see how the business progresses including working closely with them going forward.”   

By leveraging the expertise of Complete Food Safety and embracing a proactive approach to food safety management, F&A Fruits has not only achieved SALSA certification but has also fortified their position as a leader in delivering safe, high-quality food products to consumers nationwide.