Food Safety Audit

• A Food Safety Audit investigates compliance against a set of requirements such as internal standards or third party standards like BRC.

• Our BRC qualified auditors are highly experienced in providing clients with a range of auditing solutions.


Auditing Process


Food Safety Audit Types

• First Party Audit – an internal audit of your company.

Second Party Audit – when a company looks to audit another company, such as a supplier.

• Third Party Audit – an audit carried out on behalf of an other organisation or scheme, such as BRC.

• Pre-Audit – our auditors can conduct a pre-audit to assess the level of compliance before an audit is performed.


CFS Food Safety Auditing

For some companies, managing audit schedules can prove to be difficult and time costly alongside day to day business. To ensure businesses retain any food safety or health and safety certifications, regular audits need to be scheduled. 

A typical audit will require extensive knowledge of a wide range of food safety processes. Our qualified auditors are highly experienced in assisting clients with services such as pre-audits to guide clients to certification. The food safety auditors at CFS are BRC qualified with experience in auditing against a wide range of standards and processes.

Companies will often request a pre-audit from us in the weeks running up to a third party audit for certifications such as SALSA or BRC. This offers our clients valuable insight to their levels of compliance with that standard, as well as highlighting any areas that need to be improved on before the third party audit. This process reduces the number of non-conformities and improves pass rates.

Our approach to food safety audits is to provide our clients with a service tailored to their needs. We work closely with our clients to prevent any unnecessary expense on time or costs.

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