Food Safety Audits

Prepare for EHO Inspections with Food Hygiene Audits

• Validate the efficiency of your food safety systems with regular audits.
• Improve your chance of a 5 star Food Hygiene Rating and provide evidence of external auditing to demonstrate due diligence to local authorities.
• Give yourself the peace of mind that your operation is compliant with food hygiene regulation and third-party standards.

CFS Food Safety Auditing: Our Services

Food Hygiene Audits can provide businesses with invaluable insight into the efficiency of their food safety systems, prior to inspections from local authorities or third-party auditors. Regular food safety audits demonstrate due diligence and a commitment to improving safety and quality within your business.

The presence of a positive food safety culture is of growing importance for businesses, and regular food hygiene audits present a positive attitude toward maintaining a quality operation.

A typical food hygiene audit will require extensive knowledge of a wide range of food safety processes. Our team of Food Safety experts conduct audits and inspections of a wide range of food establishments across the supply chain, such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, bakeries and many more.

Read about our auditing in action, when CFS visited Amey’s schools in Scotland to check on their food safety standards.

Whether you’re expecting an EHO visit, or would like a pre-audit against the requirements of a third-party standard such as BRC, our consultants can help you gain peace of mind for food safety compliance.

person in a warehouse writing on a clipboard to illustrate food safety audit service

For businesses looking to improve their Food Hygiene Rating, audits can make all the difference in increasing your hopes of a 5-star Food Hygiene rating. External audits can expose any areas of weakness that could cause you to miss out on a 5-star rating.

With all our offerings, we look to provide our clients with a service that gets the job done quickly and efficiently, allowing our clients to focus on the day to day duties. Our approach to food hygiene audits is to provide our clients with a bespoke service tailored to their needs to prevent any unnecessary expenses on time or costs.

Businesses will often request a pre-audit from us in the weeks running up to a third-party audit for certifications such as SALSA or BRC. This offers our clients valuable insight into their levels of compliance with that standard, as well as highlighting any areas that need to be improved on before the third-party audit. This process reduces the number of non-conformities and improves pass rates.

For businesses that are subject to unscheduled third-party audits, regular audits can provide invaluable insight into the efficiency of existing food safety systems and ensure they meet the necessary requirements before an unscheduled visit.

For advice on how your business can benefit from food safety auditing, enter an enquiry below or contact us on 08450 267 745.

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