SALSA Certification

Small food or drink business? Grow with a SALSA certification.

• The SALSA certification has been developed specifically for buyers and food producers looking to demonstrate that they operate to a recognised standard.

• SALSA is well regarded across the industry indicating that a business exceeds the minimum industry standards, ideal for small businesses.

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SALSA Standard FAQs 

CFS SALSA Compliance

100% success rateOur SALSA approved mentors specialise in providing growing businesses with practical, proportionate advice on how they can achieve a recognised standard. We have a 100% success rate in guiding our clients to passing their audits for SALSA accreditation.

In acquiring a SALSA certification, businesses demonstrate their dedication to high quality and provide prospective customers with confidence. Our previous SALSA clients have found that, since achieving certification, they have gone on to gain and retain significant ongoing contracts. Additionally, many retailers, food service agents and restaurant chains will not approve a product without some form of food safety certification, such as SALSA.

The typical candidate for a SALSA accreditation might not have any existing food safety certifications and regard BRC certification as a little too ambitious. We offer growing businesses a practical approach to passing a SALSA audit, ensuring no unnecessary spend of time or costs. Our goal is to build and implement the most effective food safety and quality programs for your business. This allows us to provide our clients with an optimised SALSA system for their business, without creating unnecessary spend.

Gap Analysis

To start the route to certification, one of our SALSA approved consultants will conduct an on-site gap analysis to assess the existing level of compliance. A gap analysis will assess:

• what food safety systems are currently in place

• how current systems compare to requirements of the standard

• paperwork systems

• fabrication

• personnel requirements

The results of a gap analysis will highlight any areas of weakness that may need improvement in order to achieve certification for the SALSA standard. If you then choose to enlist our services to assist with set up and implementation of food safety processes, we will deduct the cost of gap analysis from the overall fee.

Throughout the process to certification, we are always on hand to assist in any way possible to ensure a smooth transition to BRC certification. Our highly qualified consultants are available across the UK.

CFS Route to SALSA Compliance


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