Paving the path to BRC Certification for SLR Supplies

In the ever-evolving landscape of the supply chain industry, maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. 

SLR Supplies, a company specialising in the storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, and ambient goods, realised the importance of achieving and sustaining BRCGS certification for their operations. Enter Complete Food Safety, a trusted partner that played a pivotal role in SLR Supplies’ journey towards excellence and regulatory compliance.


SLR Supplies, operating in the storage and distribution sector, handles a diverse range of products, including chilled, frozen, and ambient goods, as well as food contact packaging and consumer goods. As a critical player in the supply chain, they recognised the significance of BRCGS certification to ensure the safety and quality of the products they handle.

The original challenge

In 2019, SLR Supplies sought a reliable partner to guide them through the intricacies of obtaining and maintaining BRCGS certification. They turned to Complete Food Safety, a company known for its expertise in helping businesses navigate the complexities of compliance and certification processes.

The partnership with CFS

From the outset, CFS and SLR Supplies established a collaborative partnership focused on achieving and maintaining BRCGS certification. The scope of services provided by CFS extended beyond the certification process; they were committed to supporting SLR Supplies in legal compliance and ensuring their operations met the highest industry standards.

Complete food safety has helped us to obtain BRC compliance and we have been proudly working with them for the past 5 years. A special thanks to Mattew Tolley, our consultant for his dedication, continuous support, and professional approach toward all aspects of maintaining the required BRC standard to pass all the audits and to obtain AA standards for the past five years. We can’t thank them enough for their continuous support at all times. We would recommend them to any business that is looking for a knowledgeable, reliable, and professional company to obtain BRC standards.

Kowsar Soud, Office and Sales Manager at SLR Supplies.

Over the course of their collaboration, SLR Supplies has undergone and passed five audits with the help of CFS, marking a journey of continuous improvement and adherence to stringent quality and safety standards. Each audit aims not only to meet the BRCGS certification requirements but also to enhance operational efficiency and minimise risks in the supply chain.

Results achieved

The culmination of this collaborative effort was evident in SLR Supplies’ latest audit in October 2023, which resulted in the coveted BRCGS certification. This marked their fifth successful audit with CFS, and the outcome was nothing short of exceptional – an AA grade, the highest level achievable.

This achievement was not an isolated success; it was the continuation of a trend. The four preceding audits also resulted in AA grades, demonstrating a consistent commitment to excellence and compliance. 

“I’ve been working with SLR Supplies for 5 years now. Throughout that time I’ve seen the culture around food safety and quality improve immeasurably. This has been reflected in the 5 AA grades they have received during that time. I’m excited to see the continuous improvement they will achieve for many years to come.”

Matt Tolley, Complete Food Safety Consultant explained:

The impressive track record not only highlights SLR Supplies’ dedication but also underscores the effectiveness of the partnership with CFS in ensuring sustained success.

Key factors for success

1. Tailored approach:

CFS adopted a tailored approach to meet the specific needs of SLR Supplies. Understanding the nuances of their operations allowed for the creation of strategies that aligned with their unique challenges and goals.

2. Proactive compliance:

Rather than a reactive approach, CFS emphasised proactive measures to address potential issues before they could impact compliance. This foresightedness contributed to the consistent attainment of high grades in each audit.

3. Continuous improvement:

The partnership focused on continuous improvement, with each audit serving as an opportunity to enhance processes, address weaknesses, and implement best practices. This commitment to evolution contributed to the sustained success of SLR Supplies.

The case of SLR Supplies and Complete Food Safety exemplifies the positive impact of a strategic partnership focused on achieving and maintaining BRC certification. From the inception of their collaboration in 2019 to the recent AA grade certification, the journey underscores the importance of a dedicated and knowledgeable compliance partner.

As SLR Supplies continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of the supply chain industry, they can do so with the confidence that comes from a robust partnership with CFS – a partnership that not only achieves BRC certification but also ensures ongoing legal compliance and operational excellence.