Certification Success to start 2019

As we reach the end of the first quarter in 2019, we are over the moon with the fantastic results our clients have achieved after a range of BRC audits.

Since the start of the year, 11 of our clients have undergone audits for a range of BRC standards including BRC Storage and Distribution, BRC Packaging and BRC Food Safety. Of the 11 BRC audits our clients have undergone, 8 of which were awarded AA grade, with the remaining 3 receiving A grade. We are over the moon with these results and credit our hard working clients and the ever-expanding expertise of our dedicated consultants.

Our first audit of the year took place with our client Mash Purveyors, who went through a BRC Storage and Distribution audit and were awarded the highest achievable grade of AA. Similarly, within the BRC Storage and Distribution bracket, Houghton’s of London, Consort Frozen Foods, First Choice Veg, SDM International Linkclass and House of Westphalia were all awarded top marks with AA grades. Some of which had improved their grade from an A in 2018. We also assisted DWF and Sheringham’s who were both awarded A grade for their BRC Storage and Distribution audit. The BRC Storage and Distribution certification has been developed by industry professionals to create a practical quality management system for distribution businesses.

Our longstanding client, Reform Plastics, also successfully passed their audit to retain their BRC Packaging certification. Having worked with Reform Plastics over many years, it was no surprise to learn that had been awarded top marks with AA grade.

With regards to BRC Food Safety, our clients Valley Grown Salads and St Marks Valley Grown Salads to assist them with retaining their BRC Food Safety certification. For Valley Grown Salads, we assisted them at two sites and both sites were awarded top marks with AA grade.

St Marks Services, originally a freight services business, brought the process of packing in-house to save costs. As their operation introduced the element of packing vegetables for retail packaging, they were then eligible to apply for the BRC Food Safety certification. We worked with St Marks to improve their food safety systems in compliance with the BRC standard and they were awarded an A grade for BRC Food Safety.

As well as assisting the above clients with their audits, we have a number of ongoing projects with audits coming up for a range of BRC standards as well as SALSA Certification.

We are really proud of these fantastic results over the past few months as a result of the hard work of our clients and our team. All of us at CFS are looking forward to continuing these top results into the next quarter.

If you are considering a food safety certification for your business, our experienced team can advise on what accreditation is most suitable to your operation. Submit an enquiry below or contact us directly on 08450 267 745.

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