2017 Food Safety Achievements

Warehouse Audit

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re looking back at a successful year for our clients, gaining certification in a wide range of standards.

At the start of February, BRC implemented Issue 3 of their BRC Storage and Distribution Standard, details of which you can find on our previous Issue 3 S&D blog postOur first client to undergo an audit against Issue 3 of the S&D standard was House of Westphalia, a specialist importer and wholesaler, who passed with flying colours achieving an AA grade.

Our client, Flexopack, have been manufacturing top of the range packaging products for over thirty years. Offering products such as mailing bags, printed bags, grip seal bags, and hook bags, their BRC Packaging certification demonstrates the high quality of their service. In the past month Flexopack passed another BRC Packaging audit, retaining the highest achievable grade of AA.

Additionally, Valley Grown Salads, one of our clients who are required to undergo unscheduled audits as part of their contract with a large retailer. We worked closely with Valley Grown Salads to ensure their food safety systems were effective and monitored to ensure they were ready for inspection at all times. They recently passed their BRC Food Safety audit and were awarded the highest achievable grade of AA.

We recently worked with Ocean Fish Seafoods to assist them with achieving certification for the BRC Agents and Brokers standard. We managed to guide Ocean Fish Seafoods to successfully pass their audit, from scratch, within the space of three months.

We have also witnessed an increase in interest around SALSA certification this year. SALSA is an ideal food safety standard for small food and drink businesses looking to attain a food safety accreditation to demonstrate the safety of their business to potential clients. We’ve successfully assisted our client Premier Prepared to achieve their SALSA certification over the past year.

Earlier in the year, we worked with our client Sheringham’s Fine Foods to assist them with certification for Soil Association. The Soil Association is the UK’s leading organic food and farming charity and certification body. Sheringham’s successfully passed their audit and achieved certification.

We also have experience in Organic Food Certification having successfully guided our client Houghton’s of London to certification earlier this year. In order for a product to be sold as organic, a company needs to undergo an audit to validate their safety processes and ensure a product remains organic throughout its supply chain.

As our experience from 2017 shows, our consultants are qualified in a wide range of food safety standards and can provide assistance for a broad variety of industries. If you’re in need of assistance with food safety, submit an enquiry below or contact us directly on 08450 267 745 for a free telephone consultation.

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