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Main changes to BRC Storage and Distribution in Issue 3

From February 1st 2017, Issue 3 of the BRC Storage and Distribution standard will become effective. There are a number of changes in Issue 3, a few of which are listed below.

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Clarity around application of clauses

In Issue 2, the standard acknowledged that some clauses would not be applicable, but failed to reference any specific guidelines as to which ones, or the requirements on how to prove clauses were not applicable.

In Issue 3, where a clause may not be applicable, this is defined in the standard:

  • Clauses with an ‘X’ mean that the clause may not be applicable (and you can justify this verbally).
  • A clause with an ‘XR’ means that it may not be applicable, but you need to justify this through a documented risk assessment.
  • Clauses with ‘XS’ are not applicable for businesses who only operate distribution.
  • Clauses with ‘XD’ are not applicable for businesses who only operate storage.

Vehicle and load security

The clauses around security of vehicles and loads have been strengthened, now including the requirement to complete a documented security risk assessment.

Wholesale module for own-label & exclusive brands

For this section, Issue 3 introduces a number of the elements that would be expected in the food safety standard – such as product authenticity, traceability and recall.

Contract packing module

There are now greater requirements for label control, and specifies to ensure that the line is clear of previous product and packaging.

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