Hygiene Concerns top 2017 Food Safety Public Attitudes in FSA Report


Towards the end of last year, the FSA released their biannual public attitudes tracker report on the public’s views on food safety. From a sample of 1,989 adults from England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the survey found that 84% of respondents stated that they were aware of the hygiene standards in places they eat out at or buy food from.

The top food safety concerns reported in the survey were:

• Food hygiene when eating out (36%)

• Food poisoning (30%)

• Chemicals from the environment such as lead in food (29%)

• Food additives (26%)

The findings in this report highlight the growing awareness consumers have of the safety and hygiene of the food they’re purchasing. The concerns expressed by individuals within the report are not limited to restaurants and cafes where consumers eat out, but also the supermarkets and shops they purchase food and drink from. The most commonly reported method of knowing about food hygiene standards is through hygiene stickers or certificates and by assessing the general appearance of the premises. Demonstrating the importance of achieving a five star rating through the Food Hygiene Rating scheme.

The statistics in this report demonstrate the importance for businesses within the food and drink industry to implement an effective food safety and hygiene system. An effective HACCP plan is essential in demonstrating to local EHO visitors and food hygiene inspectors that your business operates to a high standard of hygiene.

We can assist businesses within the food and drink industry to ensure they have the necessary food safety systems in place in order to reach legal compliance. From our experience with clients, we know that it is often the case that management simply don’t have the time to educate themselves on the necessary laws and regulations surrounding food safety. We pride ourselves on our pragmatic approach to assisting small businesses with their food safety setup. Our consultants develop bespoke systems to guide our client to compliance, with minimal expense on time or costs.

We have developed a Due Diligence pack to remove the hassle of time consuming admin, ideal for restaurants, cafes and other food service businesses. Manage compliance across all areas of your business by consolidating all compliance paperwork into one, easy to use, pack.

Due Diligence Pack includes:

• Manager’s essential check forms

• Checks for all due diligence tasks e.g temperatures, cleaning

• Standardised HACCP plan

• Template Forms

• Training Records

Benefits of using our Due Diligence Pack:

• Demonstrate to EHO and local authorities that you are taking precautions to follow your HACCP plan

• Save time, and money by consolidating paperwork into one place

• Simplify compliance procedures

For more information on our Due Diligence Pack and how your business can benefit from it, submit an enquiry below or contact us directly on 08450 267 745.

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