Are your Health and Safety Systems in need of Review?

Warehouse Audit

If neglected, Health and Safety systems can quickly become ineffective. Regular checkups need to be made to ensure systems are operating effectively to reduce the risk of an incident.

A survey conducted by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, found that SME’s considered health and safety to be one of their biggest regulatory concerns. In 2016, the average fine for Health and Safety was £211,000, whilst the costs of fines have increased, the cost of compliance has generally remained the same.

How often should Health and Safety be reviewed?

The necessity and frequency of Health and Safety reviews are highly dependent upon the size and the nature of operations of the business. A full review should be undertaken if there are changes in legislation; however, there are a number of other factors that can increase the urgency of a review.

In the unfortunate case that there is an internal accident/incident (near miss), it is essential that all safety systems related to the accident are reviewed and updated where required. In this instance a full review would be necessary, taking into account any safety equipment, signage (instruction) and employee training to monitor efficiency.

If an external incident takes place within your industry, it is worth reviewing the safety systems your business has in place to help prevent such an incident occurring. These systems need to be operating effectively which in turn can help to significantly reduce the chance of a similar incident from happening. By learning from the mistakes of others, you can ensure your safety systems have no hidden risks

With the introduction of new equipment, a safety review will need to take place to ensure all employees are efficiently trained on how to operate the equipment safely. Regardless of how similar the new equipment is to existing equipment within your business, refresher training is still highly essential.

Forklift in warehouse

As well as the introduction of new equipment, the introduction of a process change will also require refresher training to ensure all staff are updated on any changes.

Health and Safety Areas to be reviewed:

• Does the Health and Safety Policy reflect the business’s current operations, plans and targets?

• Are all Health and Safety documents up to date in line with current legislative requirements?

• Have there been any significant changes within the business where your risk assessments may no longer be valid?

• Have all staff received clear instructions and information along with adequate training? Is there a need for refresher training?

• Are all accidents reported and reviewed efficiently?

If you’re unsure on the efficiency of your business’ Health and Safety procedures, we can assist you with conducting a full Health and Safety audit. For more information, submit an enquiry below or contact us directly on 08450 267 745.

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