Food Safety for Startups

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Food Safety compliance for startup businesses is extremely important. Food production is monitored carefully due to the significance of the consequences of poor food hygiene.

Our consultants specialise in assisting small, growing businesses in achieving food safety standards. Make sure your business starts out on the right track with these few steps to food safety compliance.

1.  Contact your local authority

For any food business starting out, it is essential that you inform the local authorities of your intentions. They will then advise as to whether you need to register your food business or apply for approval. The local authorities will also instruct you on how to organise waste and recycling collection as well as what training might be necessary.

2. Register your business

The majority of food businesses, including home, mobile or temporary premises, will need to register their business. The business premises need to be registered with the environmental health service at your local authority, at least 28 days before opening. It is free to register.

3. Prepare your premises

To ensure food is prepared and handled in a hygienic manner, premises need to be kept clean and as safe as possible.  Making sure you have sufficient space is also key to facilitating the hygienic working practices you will need to employ. Steps should also be taken to ensure staff can practice good personal hygiene, i.e. easily accessible hand washing facilities and signage reminding them of the need for good hand hygiene. Making sure you have the right equipment, that will be sufficient for the size of your operation and product methods. Adequate facilities for washing of raw materials and cooking/production utensils is also very important.

4. Training

To demonstrate that your business is committed to encouraging a culture of good food hygiene, regular training needs to be provided to ensure employees are adequately informed on how to handle food safely. It is best practice for businesses to keep record of training and inductions for new staff, to be able to demonstrate due diligence and compliance to customer or third party standards.

Things to consider when setting up a food business:

• Have you registered your premises?

• Are you considering the main General Food Law Requirements?

• Do you keep records of all your food suppliers?

• Do you have any food safety management systems in place?

• Are you maintaining up to date records of food safety systems?

• Have your staff received adequate food safety training?

If you’re looking to set up your own business in the food industry, our team are always on hand to offer advice to make sure you start out on the right track. Simply submit an enquiry below or have a chat with us on 08450 267 745.

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