Why a Food Safety Certificate should be top of your business goals for 2018

Deciding your business goals for 2018? A food safety certification could be the best investment your business makes this year.

There is an increasing awareness and concern over the safety of food and drink businesses, and the majority of retailers and food service providers now require suppliers attain some form of third-party certification as part of their supplier approval process. A food safety certification is a third-party verification that confirms that a business operates at a recognised standard for food safety.

If you’re looking to expand your business in 2018, a food safety certification is a fantastic investment in attracting and securing new clients. The presence of a food safety certification such as BRC or SALSA, demonstrates to existing and potential clients that your business operates to a high level of safety across all areas. Potential clients will know that your business is actively monitoring and continually improving product quality, safety and legality.

By gaining a third party food safety certification, your business gains a competitive edge against others within your industry in attracting new clients. Additionally, in implementing a recognised food safety system, you are safeguarding your business against costly food recalls and fines by following a proven system.

Benefits of a Food Safety Certification:

• Demonstrate due diligence

• Meet the requirements of potential client’s supplier approval processes

• Implement a recognised standard for food safety

• Save money by safeguarding against costly food recalls and fines for food hygiene breaches


What Food Safety Certification is most appropriate to your business? Fill in the form below and we will get in contact to advise on a suitable food safety standard for your operation.

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