BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9: What You Need to Know

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As announced in 2021, BRCGS has now introduced a new issue of the Food Safety Standard.

Please keep checking this page for the latest updates and news on the standard as we are continuously reviewing it to ensure it’s kept up to date.

Last updated: August 2022.

Issue 8 is currently the valid version of the standard. This issue was published in 2018 and put a strong emphasis on a HACCP-based food safety program and on management commitment. There was also a development of food fraud prevention and quality management system support.

Please note that BRCGS used to be called BRC.

Transition Timeline for Issue 9 of the Food Safety Standard

The new version – BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9 – has been published in August 2022.

As usual, there will be a transition period between publication and full implementation requirements. As such, certification against the new issue of the Food Safety Standard will begin in February 2023.

It’s important for businesses to allow enough time to thoroughly review and understand the new standard so that changes can be implemented to meet the updated requirements and maintain their BRCGS grades.

What are the Key Changes in the New Issue?

You can access the new issue on the BRGCS website here. A guide to the key changes made to the requirements from Issue 8 to Issue 9 can be accessed here.

Here are some of the fundamental areas which are impacted by extended and modified requirements:

  • Culture, senior management commitment & continual improvement
  • HACCP – food safety plan
  • Internal audits
  • Management of suppliers of packaging and raw materials

The new review of the Standard has taken into account feedback and comments from regulators, food manufacturers, independent technical specialists, certification bodies, and more.

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The Evolution of BRCGS Standards

BRC Global Standards was first set up in 1996 at the UK Trade Association with the goal of defining a common approach to supplier auditing and reducing audit duplication.

The first issue of BRC Food Safety Standards was published back in 1998, followed by other widely recognised standards such as Packaging Materials and Storage and Distribution.

BRCGS’ mission is to “improve brand confidence through [their] rigorous supply chain assurance services”.

BRCGS standards are continuously reviewed to ensure that they incorporate the most recent trends, insights and experiences from the industry. They also evolve to meet new regulatory requirements and ever-changing customer demands.

Did you know? The Food Safety Standard is used by 30,000 sites in 130 countries. What’s more, it is accepted by 70% of the top 10 global retailers.

Looking to Achieve or Maintain a BRCGS Certification?

Having a BRCGS Food Safety Standard certification has many benefits for your business. Globally recognised, this standard is often a third-party requirement for supplier approval.

The Food Safety Standard is ideal for food manufacturers, packers for retail, and raw material and ingredient suppliers.

Businesses with a BRCGS certification demonstrate to existing and prospective clients that they’re upholding the highest standards of food safety within their operations. This gives them a competitive edge and opens doors for new business opportunities. It also helps protect your brand reputation.

Watch the video below for a quick summary of the benefits of attaining a certification:

If you’re looking to achieve or maintain certification, we can help.

We’ve got a team of qualified BRCGS Food Safety Consultants with a 100% success rate of guiding clients to certification. Whether you’re unsure where to start, or are interested in the implementation of systems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Food Safety Issue 9 – What Are the Next Steps?

Effective preparation is critical to ensure you maintain / improve your grades following the introduction of a new issue.

Keep checking this page for the latest updates on BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9.

Key dates to remember:

  • Issue 9 publication: August 2022
  • Issue 9 goes live: February 2023

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