Key Changes – BRC Agents and Brokers Issue 2

issue 2

The updates made to the BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers Issue 2, aim to reflect current thinking in product safety, expanding the scope to incorporate consumer products, and encourage adoption of the BRC Global Standard worldwide.

Main changes to requirements in Issue 2:

• Customer focus more accountability to meet customers standards.
• Internal audits scheduled throughout the year
• Traceability more focus on activity to multiple service providers.
• More focus on root cause analysis on complaints
• Management of Incidents, Product Withdrawal and product recall.
• Supplier and subcontracted service Management
• Product inspection and Laboratory Testing
• Product legality and labelling
• Product Authenticity
• Management of Surplus Products

Customer Focus and Communication

Clause 3.4.3    

“Where required by the customer, the company shall provide information to enable the last manufacturer or processor of the product to be approved. This shall include the identity of this manufacturer or processor.”

The introduction of this clause states that, where the agent or broker is asked for information regarding the last processor, they must provide it. Previously it had been fully acceptable for agents and brokers to class that this information as confidential.


Clause 3.7.4       

“The company shall ensure that its suppliers of products have an effective traceability system. Where a supplier has been approved based on a questionnaire, a legally enforceable contract or specification, or a historical trading relationship (instead of certification or audit), verification of the supplier’s traceability system shall be carried out at the time of the initial approval of that supplier and then at least every 3 years.”

This clause has been introduced in alignment with the food standard.  It states that, where suppliers have been approved on either just an SAQ or historical relationship (i.e. where a certificate or audit has not been used), that a trace exercise must be carried out with the supplier at least every 3 years.

Supplier and Subcontracted Management

Clause 4.1.7    

“The procedures shall define how exceptions to the supplier approval process in clause 4.1.2 are handled (e.g. where product suppliers are prescribed by a customer) or where information for effective supplier approval is not available (e.g. bulk agricultural products) and instead product testing is used to verify product quality and safety.

When a company trades customer-branded product, the customer shall be made aware of the relevant exceptions.”

This addition of this clause means that, where the documented procedure for approval of a supplier cannot be followed (in exceptional circumstances, not routine circumstances), an exception procedure must be used. This is to ensure the safety and quality of the product.  The customer of branded product effected (as in the product that has not been approved as per the normal procedure) must also be informed.

Product Inspection and Laboratory Testing

Clause 4.4.5  

“The significance of external laboratory results shall be understood and acted upon accordingly. Appropriate actions shall be implemented promptly to address any unsatisfactory results or trends.”

The alteration to this existing clause has been reworded to clarify that, not only do you need to receive lab results, but results need to be interpreted sufficiently, in order to implement the appropriate action.

Management of Surplus Products

“Effective processes shall be in place to ensure that the safety and legality of surplus products donated to charities or other organisations.”

This clause has been added from the food standard to control excess product that is not required by the customer.

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