Benefits of Supplier Approval Management

The presence of a Supplier Approval Management system is an increasingly important step for many businesses looking to gain control over the safety and quality of their product. It is often the case that the lifecycle of a product can pass through numerous businesses before reaching the end user. It is essential for retailers to have a clear view of the safety management systems in place that maintain the quality of that product throughout the supply chain.

The majority of retail and wholesale businesses will require evidence of a food safety management system as part of their supplier approval process. In some cases, businesses will need to attain a food safety certification such as BRC or SALSA, in other cases they would simply need to fill out a supplier approval questionnaire.

Benefits of Supplier Approval 

• Manage risk

• Improve efficiencies

• Reduce cost (fines, product recalls etc)

• Protect brand reputation

Assist Supplier Approval

Assist’s SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) Module makes managing suppliers easy. Reduce the time-consuming burden of admin for technical staff by managing your supplier approval in one place. Eradicate the need for multiple page paper forms to fill in with our cloud-based programme offering real-time visibility of the supply chain. Intuitive and easy to use, Assist automatically adapts its SAQ to your supplier – so they only see what’s relevant to them. With real-time date, users can review the approval status of all your suppliers at a glance. Certifications such as BRC, SALSA, Organic, MSC, Red Tractor etc. are actively monitored and automatically alerted when these are close to expiry.

Key Features:

• Simple and easy to use

• Fully adaptive SAQ that tailors to your suppliers

• Live supplier approval status

• Automatic approval and certificate expiry monitoring

• Upload and store supplier certification details

• Quick and informative reporting

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