Best Practice for Moving Premises


Is your business in the process of re-location?

We frequently receive enquiries from small, growing businesses who are upgrading their site or relocating to a new area and want to ensure their new site is compliant with food safety guidelines.

Understandably, business owners want to ensure their new site will be compliant with guidelines for standards such as BRC and SALSA, to prevent future spend. It is important to bear in mind that the fabrication of the site can have a big impact on the efficiency of an operation.

Here are some of the things you should consider when moving to a new site:

• Workflow – are there any physical barriers that could effect productivity?  Make a clear plan for the flow of raw materials, people, waste and finished product through the site.  This will help you in maintaining appropriate cross contamination controls.

• Cleaning facilities – are there enough water points in appropriate positions to allow for effective cleaning.

• Space – for operations with high risk/low risk materials, is there adequate space to allow for segregation and prevent the risk of cross contamination.

• Ventilation – particularly for manufacturing businesses, adequate ventilation is essential to prevent moisture build up and consequent mould growth.

• Drainage – is the drainage system sufficient for your operation.  When laying floors, ensure they will allow water to run to drains and avoid standing water.

• Refrigeration – is there suitable and sufficient refrigeration to provide adequate coverage and avoid hot spots.

 Hygiene – is there an adequate number of hand-washing points to accommodate your operation and are they appropriately located.  Its ideal to have a hand wash sinks at entry to production / preparation areas.

• Fabrication finish – Ensuring the finish of fabrication is to a high standard can really help with the cleaning and maintenance of your facility in the long run.  Having floors that are suitable and able to withstand the wear of the day to day operations is vital as it can be a costly and time consuming process to relay floors.  Having curved floor to wall junctions can greatly assist with cleaning and maintaining good hygiene standards.  Having walls, doors and ceilings made from materials that are easy to clean and also capable of withstanding the cleaning chemicals being used is vital.

• Facilities – do staff have sufficient welfare facilities?

• Signage – do you have the necessary food safety and health and safety signage to remind employees and visitors of regulations.

• Local authorities – have you alerted the local authorities that you are planning to operate on those premises?  Its important to provide the revel an local authority with advanced notice of when you expect to move in to you premises.

These are just an example of the types of things business owners will need to consider when moving to a new site. This checklist will differ depending on the size and complexity of your operation.

If your business is moving to a new site and you’re unsure on what specifications your operation will require, give us a call on 08450 267 745 and we’ll advise as best we can.

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