Second Party Auditing

• Protect your business with our tailored second party audit solutions to effectively manage your supplier and supply chains risks.

• Our qualified auditors work with you to develop a bespoke standard to audit against, tailored to your business requirements.

• If time constraints require any urgent audit we also offer a CFS Compliance standard that can be audited against.
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Who needs Second Party Auditing

Second Party Audits are suitable for any business, in any sector, that wants to demonstrate their dedication to quality. Second party auditing provides businesses with confidence in the quality of their suppliers.

CFS Auditors

Our BRC qualified 3rd party auditors have experience in auditing businesses from a range of product categories and sizes. As with everything we do, our auditors take a practical approach to helping clients sufficiently verify the standard of suppliers. Our aim is to ensure that our clients reach compliance with minimum expense of cost or time.

Second Party Auditing Process


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For more information on Second Party Audits, submit an enquiry below or talk to an expert on 08450 267 745.