Risk Assessment FAQs

Risk Assessment FAQs

How is a Risk Assessment conducted?

A Risk Assessment involves:
• Identifying what can harm people in your workplace
• Identify who might be harmed and how
• Evaluate the risks and decide on appropriate controls (acknowledge the controls youalready have in place)
• Record your risk assessments
• Review and update your assessment


What factors are considered in a Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment should demonstrate that:
• A thorough check was carried out
• Anyone that could be affected was considered
• All significant risks were assessed
• There are adequate precautions implemented
• The consequential risk is low


Who should a Risk Assessment consider?

Risk assessments should account for the fact that different people will be vulnerable to different types of risks. Shift workers may not receive the same level of training as full time employees, young workers may lack experience, expectant mothers may be more vulnerable to health risks etc. This level of detail should be considered to ensure that no one is excluded from a hazard analysis.

Are risk assessments a legal requirement?

Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, states that it is a legal requirement for every employer and self-employed person to make an assessment if the health and safety risks arising out of their work.

How often do I need to conduct risk assessments?

Regularly reviewing risk assessments is advised to ensure systems are operating effectively. It is also best practice to perform a risk analysis before you do work that has the potential to cause injury. Our approach to health and safety is to ensure our clients reach compliance without unnecessary spend on time or costs. The consultants at CFS work closely with clients to create bespoke health and safety solutions that suit their needs.

For more information on how your business could benefit from regular risk assessments, submit an enquiry below or talk to one of our Health and Safety experts on 08450 267 745.

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