A selection of valuable food safety and health and safety resources to assist in implementing safe systems for your business.

Probe Calibration Record Form

Food thermometers need to be calibrated to ensure that they are working correctly and giving an accurate reading. An inaccurate thermometer reading can prove highly costly for businesses within the food industry. Regular probe calibration will prevent incorrect readings from occurring.

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Risk Assessment Checklist

To effectively manage health and safety within your workplace you must conduct a risk assessment. Risk assessments identify any hazards and who might be vulnerable to them. The Risk Assessment Checklist highlights the key areas that need to be considered. Here is a basic example of what a risk assessment will include:

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Auditing Schedule

Managing audit schedules can prove difficult and time costly alongside day to day business. CFS can assist with the audits of your food and hygiene safety systems, whether a routine internal audit or a specific element within your business, our audits tailored to your needs. Download a sample Audit Plan.

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CFS Resources

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