MSC Standard

The Marine Stewardship Council is an international, independent, non-profit organisation that certifies and promotes sustainable fisheries. Established to address the problem of unsustainable fishing and safeguard seafood supplies for the future, the MSC is committed to being the world’s leading certification program for sustainable wild-capture seafood.

The MSC works with scientists, fisheries, seafood producers and brands to promote sustainable fishing and set credible standards for sustainable fishing and supply chain traceability.

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The MSC Fisheries Standard

The standard clearly sets out indicators that a fishery must comply with in order to claim that their produce originated from a well-managed and sustainable source.

Used to assess and certify the sustainability of wild capture marine and freshwater species, the standard does not cover fish farming (aquaculture), although some forms of enhanced fishery are eligible for assessment.

When you see seafood with the blue MSC label, you can be sure it comes from a sustainable fishery that has met the Fisheries Standard. The Chain of Custody Standard ensures the label is only displayed on seafood that’s traceable to an MSC certified sustainable fishery. The label makes it easy for everyone to choose seafood which has been caught by fisheries which care for the environment.

To ensure certification is credible and robust, assessment to the MSC Standards is carried out by independent, third party assessment bodies.

CFS Route to MSC Certification

If you take your responsibility seriously in protecting endangered species and want to be part of a team whose prime goal is to offer ethically maned, environmentally sensitive produce then contact us today.

We have the policies and procedure to get you there, including a full traceability system that in itself eradicates any possibility of any illegally caught fish entering the supply chain.

At CFS, we respect and understand our responsibility in supporting sustainable fishing and are totally committed to working and supporting the ethics of responsible sourcing. We share in the MSC vision for the world’s oceans to remain full of life – today, tomorrow and for and for generations to come. A sustainable seafood market is crucial to making this vision a reality.

Our consultants work closely with clients, the supply chain and MSC to ensure all enterprises involved throughout the fishing and processing system appreciate and work with our long-term objectives of sustaining fish stocks. We will work with you to implement the MSC standard either as a stand-alone site or as a group entity if you have a number of sites. We will guarantee all policies and procedures conform with the MSC standard at all times, ensuring we meet the needs of our customers today, whilst protecting our natural resources for tomorrow.

*Grants: Your fishery or business might be eligible for grants from other organisations.

If you would like to speak to us about potential options for MSC certification, submit an enquiry below or contact us on 08450 267 745.

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