Level 1 Award Food Safety Awareness in Catering

Level 1 Award Catering

Businesses within the food industry must ensure employees are supervised, instructed and trained in food hygiene matters. This Level 1 Award Catering course provides employees with an introduction to food safety and hygiene to ensure they operate safely within a food environment.

There are no prerequisites for completing the Level 1 Award in Food Safety Awareness in Catering, as the required knowledge and understanding of food safety are covered in the training.

Topics covered in this course include personal responsibility, personal hygiene, keeping work areas clean and hygienic and how to keep food safe.

Who needs this qualification?

• new employees with no prior food safety experience

• employees working in catering with low-risk or wrapped foods

• front of house employees such as waiting or checkout staff


Candidates are assessed by an examination paper consisting of 15 multiple choice questions to be completed in half an hour under examination conditions.

Candidates who achieve 10 or more correct answers will pass the examination and receive a Level 1 Award in Food Safety Awareness in Catering certificate.

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