Save Time and Money with Pre-Audits


For businesses in the food industry looking to achieve a food safety certification such as SALSA or BRC, the audit can be a daunting prospect. In order to achieve certification, businesses need to undergo a thorough audit by a third party certification body. These auditors will inspect the business premises, as well as investigate safety documentation and interview staff on their day-today processes. As audits are not cheap, a typical BRC audit costs between £1,500 to £2,000 a day, there is a lot of pressure to successfully pass audits first time, with minimal non-conformities. There is additionally pressure to achieve the highest grades for food safety certifications in order to gain a competitive edge within their industry. Pre-audits will establish any non-conformities that might reduce your chances of achieving top grades.

An effective way to ensure a successful audit is to undergo a pre-audit to the specified standard. This process will highlight any non-conformities and any areas of weakness that might damage your chance of passing first time.

Benefits of Pre-Audits include:

• advice from BRC qualified auditors

• industry experts providing invaluable tips and advice for audit day

• significantly improved chance of achieving top grade certification

• reduce number of non-conformities

• find out if you are ready for your official audit

• prepare staff for questions they will receive on what to expect on audit day

Pre-Audit checklist can include:

• Quality Policy – reviewed in last year a copy signed and on display
• Training records for all staff in place and reflective of their responsibilities within the FSQMS
• Internal audits completed – all sections of the standard audited within the last year
• Equipment Maintenance schedule
• Fabrication
• Calibration certs and internal calibration

To find out how your business can benefit from pre-audits, fill in the form below, or talk to an expert on 08450 267 745.

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