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Our Food Safety Management System has been designed for growing business looking to implement best practice for food safety and achieve a 5-star food hygiene rating from local EHO’s. Like all our services, we have applied a practical approach to creating this system, avoiding unnecessary technical jargon and keeping things simple and easy to understand for the user.

The purpose of this system is to make compliance genuinely simple for food businesses, saving time and money by creating solutions that can integrate seamlessly into your current operation. Designed with user experience as priority, we wanted to create a format that removed complex, technical terms and instead used clear concise language and engaging graphics to help the user understand their role and responsibilities within food safety. This provides a more effective solution for educating staff on the key elements for food safety and, in turn, protects your business from food safety failures.

This system is ideal for a wide range of sectors within the Hospitality industry such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs clubs and bars, as well as care homes.

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Our Health & Safety Management System is a cost effective solution for business looking to protect their staff, customers, and their business by implementing best practices for Health & Safety. We have developed a system that is clear and easy to use, without overly technical terms or unnecessary complex procedures. This system educates the user on best practices for planning, implementation, monitoring and corrective actions for Health & Safety in an engaging and easy to understand format. Our practical approach to compliance incorporates Health & Safety procedures into every day working practices, allowing business owners to focus on their own tasks and responsibilities.

Ideal for a wide range of sectors, this system provides a simple solution for businesses looking to achieve legal compliance for Health and Safety.

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Our Due Diligence diaries have been created to provide a clear and effective way for businesses to maintain and update their compliance records. Including Daily, Weekly and Monthly checks for Kitchen staff and Front of House. Our diaries offer businesses an easy method of demonstrating due diligence to local EHOs and clear evidence of legal compliance for Food Safety.

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Audits provide businesses with invaluable insight into the effectiveness of their Food Safety or Health & Safety procedures. For businesses that are unsure of the efficiency of their safety systems, an audit can expose any non-conformities that could create risk to your business. Our Food Safety and Health & Safety auditors have experience across a wide range of sectors and know exactly what issues to look for to ensure your business receives a thorough audit against the requirements of the legal standard.

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Our easy to use software enables business to automate time-consuming tasks whilst establishing more efficient control of compliance in key areas of your business. Built up of three modules; Train, SAQ and Drive – this software provides users with the ability to manage all areas of compliance from one easy to use system. This saves time and improves efficiency for demonstrating due diligence to local authorities and EHOs.

Assist Train

Streamline the induction process for new employees. This module allows you to record all compliance training and makes it easy to provide evidence of training records during EHO visits or third-party audits.

Assist SAQ

Simplify the supplier approval process by providing users with real-time data on supplier approval status, automated alerts on certification expiration dates, and adapted profiles for each supplier. Everything you need to manage your suppliers, protect your supply chain, and your reputation.

Assist Drive

This module allows you to upload and store your Policies, Risk Assessments and other compliance-based documents. Assist Drive will provide real term alerts when items are due for renewal or expired ensuring your documentation is always up to date.

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Members of the AssistMe Support Service receive advice and support in the event of an Alleged Food Poisoning, Foreign Body, EHO Visit and Accident, Incident or Near Miss. This support service provides our clients with a helpline for handling situations they may not feel confident in dealing with themselves.

For a free needs analysis to establish a suitable package for your business, please submit an enquiry below, or talk to an expert on 08450 267 745.

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